“Affect” vs “Effect”

WRITTEN May 27, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

Our very own Rich Atkins spent some time in the studio at About.com. Together they put together some great videos for the site’s Grammar School project.  Today we are highlighting how to use “Affect” vs “Effect”.



Transcript:Affect vs Effect | Grammar School

Do you know when you should use Affect vs. Effect? What’s the difference between affect and effect? To make it easy, think of affect strictly as a verb. Think of effect strictly as a noun. Here are some good examples. The hurricane affected many people. That’s used as verb there. Affect there is a verb. Effect as a noun is used like this. The effect of the hurricane will be felt for many years. We know that’s the noun because it’s got the word “the” in front of it. Use affect as a verb and effect as a noun. I know there are some exceptions like, “We effected some changes to your policy.” Yes, that is used as verb there but to make it easy for you, reserve the use of affect for verb only and reserve the use of effect as noun only. If you do this, you’ll always get it right. 

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