AWFUL or EXCELLENT Cover Letter?

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Cover Letter

The decision has been made – time for a new job!  The résumé has been spiffed up, and you have found the perfect new position for you.  Now it is time for the cover letter.   This is your chance to speak in your voice and tell this company why they want to hire you. The question… Read more »

Happy New Year from the People at Improving Communications

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Happy New Year from Jen Glantz

Well lookie here… the Earth has revolved around the Sun once again! Three hundred sixty-five days have elapsed (or as the cast in the musical Rent would sing, “525,600 Minutes”). A year is a good marker for progress made. Once it’s completed, it all starts again.  Happy New Year.   Two thousand seventeen has been Improving Communications’ best year yet. We owe… Read more »

English Degree Preferred

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English Degree Preferred

Hiring a tech writer or copy writer? Have you thought to consider that an English degree would come in handy? There is a readwrite article by Matt Asay, vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, Inc.  In his article, the author makes a strong case for why we need good writers on staff in all our business ventures. It’s well… Read more »

Misplaced Modifiers

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Misplaced Modifier

Misplaced Modifiers Groucho Marx: “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know” The term “misplaced modifier” means that the descriptor in the sentence is in the wrong place. Sometimes, these can be quite humorous, even though the writer/speaker may not have intended them to be…. Read more »

Engage with Email

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Engage with Email

How to Engage Readers with Email (Or How To AVOID Alienating Others With Email)   When you send an email, do you build (or break) rapport? Will your writing automatically start a pleasant dialogue? How you present yourself in writing will determine whether or not you get an answer, or are flat-out ignored. ————————————————————————— When responding,… Read more »

Gender-Fair Language

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Gender Fair Language

Sexism, Discrimination, & Bias – OH MY! Gender Fair or Nonsexist language is the standard today. It means selecting words that are gender neutral or gender inclusive. Avoid using “he” to stand for “he or she.” Nonsexist language includes the following: He/she, S/he, his/her, her/his, him/her, her/him A person or people Police officer (instead of Policeman,… Read more »