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AWFUL or EXCELLENT Cover Letter?

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Cover Letter

The decision has been made – time for a new job!  The résumé has been spiffed up, and you have found the perfect new position for you.  Now it is time for the cover letter.   This is your chance to speak in your voice and tell this company why they want to hire you. The question […]


Résumé Writing

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Resume Writing

Résumé Preparation Know what the purpose of your resume and cover letter is – to get an interview! To prepare, complete a Résumé writing data sheet – list work and other activities List your three best work skills or traits (to be used in the Summary and Cover Letter). Write with impact! Use correct grammar […]


what if i use poor grammer will they hire me

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Poor Grammer Mistakes

Breathe deeply. Relax. “Poor Grammer”?  This week’s headline was intentional. That’s a relief, right? We were sent an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review. It was shared by an Improving Communications friend (and recipient of Defender of the Language award), Michael Rudegeair. Kyle Wiens, author of “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s […]


Does Your Resume Present You As Trivial Or Important? Selling with Your Resume.

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selling with your resume

Do you realize you are selling with your resume? When people sell, they talk about features that the product has (air conditioning in a car, for instance) AND the benefits that feature brings to the buyer (keeps you cool on a hot day). Frequently, unskilled sales people will name a number of features, but not […]