Rapport (Relationship) – The Essential Ingredients of Leadership

WRITTEN February 1, 2017 Author: Rich Atkins

In life, relationship with others is everything. In fact, people are willing to forgive a lot of mistakes, as long as there’s a good link and understanding as a foundation. Leaders must create the bond with the people they lead to avoid encountering hostility and resistance.


Let’s imagine that you are the newly-selected leader of a department in a company. From the very beginning, it’s critical to foster understanding of the people you will be leading and to build a bond with them. Disregarding the humans at work (in other words, their feelings) and focusing only on the agenda of getting things done is sure to create conflict, especially if it contrasts in policy with what your predecessor was doing.

It’s well worth remembering that some in your newly-inherited department will not be onboard with your ascension to the role above them. That’s a red flag indicating the possibility for tension and conflict. The smart leader recognizes those potential traps and works on ways to win over the dissenters—not on overcoming and crushing them. Antagonizing them would only make things worse. Therefore, finding ways to connect and empathize with the “outliers” will empower them and bring them more onto your team.

Nobody wants strife and disagreement. Avoid creating discord with the people you lead. Create affinity by being emotionally tuned-in to their wants, needs, and expectations. Move at a reasonable pace to allow people to adjust to the change. All of this will go a long way to building a long-lasting relationship with your new team.


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