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Diversity – Building A Thriving Business Environment

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This session will provide you with ways to examine and develop how you think about yourself and others, as well as how you express yourself. You will be able to focus on interpersonal skills, behavior, and environment, to see how they promote diversity-positive interactions, as well as learn causes for discriminatory practices and create an action plan for increasing workplace acceptance and harmony. Uncover and discard beliefs and attitudes that foster or block progress. By discovering your strengths as well as liabilities, you can build on the positive and move toward minimizing the negative. As a result, you will gain greater personal and professional satisfaction. Part I – Broadening the View Find new perspectives and ways to turn challenges into opportunities. Become skilled at ways to further develop self-awareness and sensitivity. Part II – Fair Standards Learn about how attitudes expressed in speech and behavior promote or hinder a positive work environment. Determine and apply steps for getting past prejudice for greater productivity.Part III – Organizational Unity Discover value in diverse perspectives and personalities and their benefits. Strategize ways to strengthen relationships and turn negative into positive interactions.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Discover new ways to “see things differently;”
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to strengthen relationships and increase awareness of self and others;
  • Define Diversity and uncover ways in which it is significantly useful in an organization;
  • Develop best practices (rooted in honor and law) to use Diversity in planning, problem solving, and decision-making);
  • Manage conflict through unity, using the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals; and
  • Understand and communicate value to staff.

Format—Diversity - Building a Thriving Business Environment is an 8-hour class for up to 20 people.

VENUE: Quest Workspaces
800 Third Avenue Suite 2800, New York, New York 10022   << See Google Map >>

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