Improving Customer ServiceCustomer Service is an organization’s ability to supply its customers’ wants and needs. Improved Customer Service is constantly and consistently exceeding the customers’ expectations.

This class is for service industry professionals who want to maximize their efficiency, develop better customer skills, and increase their value. The focus of Improving Customer Service is to increase repeat business because of customer satisfaction and referral. Participants will find a greater level of productivity, job satisfaction and the potential for advancement. For client-facing service personnel, these areas of development will be very beneficial.  Improved Customer Service meansincreased internal and external customer satisfaction.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Focus on others to project a positive customer-centered attitude, representing the organization in the best light;
  • Create a collaborative team environment of shared goals and visions, increasing staff buy-in;
  • Communicate clearly with conviction, projecting greater credibility;
  • Inspire staff ownership mindset and initiative with customers;
  • Identify customer characteristics, and appropriate responses and solutions;
  • Create positive diplomatic messages even from negative, modeling a problem-solving, can-do attitude; and
  • Review and share customer-service best practices, increasing the organization’s ability to add value, ultimately translating into repeat business.

Format—Improving Customer Service is an 8-hour class for up to 20 people.