The Cost of (Un)Clear Communications: Grammar Costs

WRITTEN December 18, 2014 Author: Rich Atkins

Grammar and MONEY

Some experts estimate that the US economy wastes $75 billion annually because of poor English skills. Others say that 80 percent of corporate waste can be tied directly to ineffective communications. In written and spoken communications, the goal is to reduce waste and contribute to making a more positive workplace.

Poor communication at work causes: absenteeism, turnover, conflict, tension, low productivity, complaints, wasted time, and low morale. Proper communication positively impacts every part of the organization: leadership, sales, external customer service, and the day-to-day interactions of all internal customers. By addressing and resolving communication problems, you and your business are moving toward building a more pleasant workplace environment and saving money at the same time.

Correct (or incorrect) grammar has a significant impact on you and your reader. Consider these statements:

  • Good grammar means credibility and shows respect for the audience.
  • People judge you if you (don’t) know how to use the English language correctly (among many other things). Leaders in business who know grammar pay attention to sloppy mistakes.
  • People who make fewer mistakes in writing usually perform better on other tasks.

Empower yourself. Be smart and learn what is correct.

  • Know the Parts of Speech and their correct uses;
  • Understand Sentence Structure, including applying rules for Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement;
  • Be able to create Plurals and Possessives accurately and with certainty; and
  • Review and use the rules of Spelling, Mechanics (Capitalization, Abbreviation, Number Use), and Punctuation.


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