How it works

“What’s it like to work with Improving Communications?”

This is about results and values. Improving Communications is a different training experience from others. Attendees have to “put on the brakes” and examine how they communicate. Participants gain awareness in the instruction and take action to change how they communicate in practice segments of trainings. This is how people can advance their companies and themselves.

The process

Improving Communications provides “live” training programs for you/your staff. Living, breathing instructors will ensure that attendees learn and master new skills. Trainings are best taken as time-phased learning segments. By dividing the amount of information over more than one session, participants are better able to absorb and use it.

Expected Results

When clients work with Improving Communications, their internal and external communications become better than they were before. They increase credibility as a result.

Improving Communications' Values

  • Your work is important, so any teaching is conducted onsite, keeping as much continuity as possible in your employees' workday.
  • You have different wants and needs for your staff, so Improving Communications customizes sessions and workshops.
  • Your staff members learn differently from each other, and our classes are designed for a variety of learning styles.
  • You want the best and so does Improving Communications; nothing less than excellence will do.
  • You want to see positive results, and you will.

The Improving Communications Approach

When you work with Improving Communications, you get what you need. First, we work with you to determine the problems you’re encountering, and the results you want to see. Then, training programs are designed, discussed, amended, and approved. Improving Communications delivers and measures the results. Then, we follow-up with new opportunities for growth. You will enjoy the process because you will see problems addressed and solved.

What makes Improving Communications unique?

Participants enjoy the learning process. Check the testimonials to see what they’re saying. Instructor experience and expertise mean that participants will achieve their goals. Participants and businesses trust what Improving Communications provides.

Contact Us

Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences with our conference participants. Your insights surrounding how to approach grammar and the need to put respect back into organization was a strategic match to the rest of the day’s programs. Improving Communications is a needed topic of discussion in most organizations today. The Power of Praise program was a great way to bring Human Resource professionals back to what we need remind ourselves and our managers to do—Praise! The Board heard many wonderful comments about the program.

Judith C. Drake, PHR, PresidentSociety for Human Resource Management of Tompkins County (SHRMTC)