Does your organization face these challenges?

  • Our employees are hard workers, but they can’t write emails or letters in a way that makes our company look good. Do you help address writing skills?
  • Some staff have difficulty expressing themselves so that they can be understood. What can I do to improve the speaking skills of these employees so that we can all work better together?
  • Sometimes, our Customer Service representatives are like robots. How can I get my CSRs to be more customer-focused and better able to meet my customers’ needs?
  • We have a lot of presentations that aren’t engaging for the audience. Do you help people to become better public speakers/presenters?
  • Managers and leaders in our company are frustrated because they don’t know how to lead people in their departments. Can you help them to be better at what they do?
  • We’re having a conference in a few months and need to get a speaker. Can you provide a program and speaker that will “light our fire?”

You will have success working with Improving Communications if …

You are committed to creating a learning culture within your organization. The “quick fix,” and shortcuts don’t work. If you want your organization to learn and develop, to strive for the best, we will help you succeed.

You are willing to implement new ideas and applications. If you are ready to commit to the process, then Improving Communications is right for you.

You have “buy-in” from the entire organization. All staff and leaders must adhere to the same standards of excellence.