After Neil Peart and I met, chatted over lunch, recorded the interview and then went motorcycling, he told me that he was glad that he decided to stick with the original plan to first meet and then to ride, despite the thunderstorms, damaging winds, flooding, mudslides, and torrential rain (note the wet parking lot in photo). So was I.  His life experiences, writing, music, and motorcycling adventures are compellingly moving as well as inspirational.

This meeting, interview, and article provided the perfect opportunity to explore another person’s perspective on this gift of motorcycling that we all share.  It is a clear demonstration of the potential and capability that people have to inspire one another.  So much can be learned when we find out about others.  As a result of experiences such as this one, each day we are encouraged to improve as riders and as individuals.

Happy reading and riding!

  -Rich Atkins
CEO, Improving Communications

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Reprinted with permission from
BMW Owners News
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