Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Training

Public speaking classes are the cornerstone of building stronger communication skills. By improving presentation skills and overall spoken communication, individuals can achieve greater clarity in their interactions. This enhanced clarity subsequently leads to increased customer and job satisfaction, more productive employees, and a higher potential for career advancement.

Furthermore, improved communication skills contribute to a public perception of greater expertise. Therefore, exploring a diverse range of courses designed to elevate communication prowess can drive success in all areas of professional life.

Introduction to Public Speaking

an eight-hour training session for up to 10 participants
Public Speaking Classes NYC | Improving Communications

Make a difference in how you communicate with others.

The “Introduction to Public Speaking” training class teaches participants how to harness the power of the spoken word to influence others. Through practice, speakers develop polish and finesse, resulting in increased confidence. The course focuses on organizing ideas and communicating clearly, enabling participants to speak concisely and with conviction.

Moreover, participants will master essential skills needed in today’s competitive business environment. They will learn to speak in a way that elevates their confidence and enthusiasm. This course is designed to transform public speaking abilities and boost professional success.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Manage public-speaking fears;
  • Increase self-esteem;
  • Become better at thinking on feet;
  • Discover and minimize self-defeating habits;
  • Connect with people, building a professional network; and
  • Share ideas, inspire others, and impress the audience.

Advanced Presentation Skills

an eight-hour training session for up to 6 participants
Advanced Presentation Skills Courses NYC | Improving Communications

In this session, you are in front of the room, giving your own presentation.

In the Advanced Presentation Skills training, participants receive coaching to enhance their public-speaking style. Key focus areas include body language, posture, word choice, confidence, eye contact, verbal tics, filler words, and volume. Additionally, the course offers guidance on overhauling presentation content and visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides.

Consequently, participants will learn to state their purpose clearly, reduce text on slides, make messages more user-friendly, and choose the best graphics to support their message. This comprehensive coaching ensures a more polished and effective presentation style.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Increase ability to motivate the audience by delivering organized and engaging presentations;
  • Gain more efficiency by crafting carefully-worded, streamlined messages, free of verbal tics and filler words;
  • Increase enthusiasm through focus on body language and stage presence
  • Convince listeners with strong evidence presented in speech and visual aids.

Executive Presentation Skills

a four-hour training session for up to 4 participants
Executive Presentation Skills NYC | Improving Communications

Tailored for senior leaders who present at the executive level, “Executive Presentation Skills” offers a comprehensive review and reinforcement of presentation essentials. The course covers creating, structuring, delivering, and revising powerful presentations, with a strong emphasis on storytelling and visual presentation.

This interactive program prioritizes professionalism in communication. Participants engage in video-recorded sessions and receive coaching based on group discussions and class materials. Through personalized coaching, presenter distractions are effectively eliminated, ensuring impactful executive-level presentations.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Present organized (technical) information clearly, concisely, and persuasively;
  • Engage the audience in the most polished and professional manner;
  • Use compelling media and visual aids effectively; and
  • Accept questions with ease and respond with appropriate, well thought-out answers.

Sales Presentation Skills

an eight-hour training session for up to 6 participants
Sales Presentation Skills NYC | Improving Communications

In the Sales Presentation Skills training, participants learn to master the essential abilities of asking, listening, and solving for both existing and potential customers. Sales and trade thrive because people seek improvements over what they currently have.

Often, customers may not even realize they have a need. Thus, a critical aspect of the sales process is “connecting the dots.”

Sales professionals must demonstrate respectful listening and, as experts, clearly show how the identified needs are directly tied to their solutions. However, even with a clear need and a viable solution, a sale is not always guaranteed. This course equips participants with the skills to bridge that gap effectively.

Connecting their needs to our solution is precisely what the Sales Presentation Skills class is all about.

  • Research and understand each unique customer to demonstrate expertise;
  • Conduct productive meetings to discover useful information to formulate the most effective solution(s);
  • Propose plans that are fully aligned with the target’s situation and needs;
  • Increase abilities to engage and motivate the prospect/client through compelling presentations;
  • Convey emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, and sincerity to get client buy-in;
  • Strengthen professionalism through dynamic story-telling, elevating the level of rapport; and
  • Create positive messages even from negative, modeling a problem-solving, can-do attitude for the audience.

It was great to have the opportunity to learn some new techniques and to gain more awareness of how I present myself. The most immediately applicable uses have been in reducing my “ums” and “ahs” and in trying to come to my point in a more succinct way. I’ve been cultivating this awareness in one-on-one settings; meetings and individual conversations.

Christina Vargas