Reduce Public Speaking Fear By Connecting With the Audience

WRITTEN March 29, 2012 Author: Rich Atkins

We are all looking for a way to reduce public speaking fear!

Build bridges while speaking to a group. Many people fear public speaking. If you’re one of them, this is good news – you’re not alone! More good news is that there are ways to reduce anxiety while speaking in public. Nervousness can be brought down by preparing thoroughly for the speech with lots of information. Then practice the speech numerous times before delivering it.

Just imagine playing with an orchestra at Carnegie hall, not having practiced the piece beforehand!Practicing before giving a speech is a must.

Another great way to calm your nerves is to connect with the audience, to show them that “you’re on the same team” or that you are in rapport with them. In some cases, your ability to connect with the audience can make or break your presentation. Connecting may include:

  • Greeting the audience before the presentation, if possible.
  • Using audience comments in your message (“As Loretta said …”).
  • Using good eye contact. For the US culture, eye contact is the best connection. People interpret it as honesty.
  • Speaking to the audience about something they want to hear.
  • Speaking from the heart – be sincere and honest.

This information is from the Improving Communications Public Speaking: Improving Presentation Skills class. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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