Does Your Resume Present You As Trivial Or Important? Selling with Your Resume.

WRITTEN May 14, 2013 Author: Rich Atkins

Do you realize you are selling with your resume?

When people sell, they talk about features that the product has (air conditioning in a car, for instance) AND the benefits that feature brings to the buyer (keeps you cool on a hot day). Frequently, unskilled sales people will name a number of features, but not connect them, in words, to the benefits that they will bring to the prospective buyer. In writing, if we want to sell our skills to a prospective employer, simply mentioning the features (what we do/have done) will not be sufficient. We need to show the future employer how these skills will benefit her/him AND the organization!

Remember that anything that you announce in your resume must be elevated from trivial. Otherwise, you will inadvertently tell the reader that you are unimportant.

Awful (trivial):

  • Made photocopies of safety signs and posted them throughout the work space.

Much better (important):

  • Disseminated OSHA-compliant information, creating general awareness of safety policies and procedures and reducing the risk of workplace injury.

Want help with your resume? Start by looking at one of the bulleted lists. Does it simply state that you did/do something, and that’s all? “Clean it up,” and make it results-oriented! Show how the organization benefited from your work.

If you need more help with your resume, contact Improving Communications.

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