What’s the Purpose of Eye Contact?

WRITTEN May 3, 2018 Author: Rich Atkins

What are your eyes doing during a presentation or a conversation?

Think about it. Are they looking down at your hands or your notes? Do they gaze out the window or over the heads of the audience? Or are you staring at just one person the entire time you’re speaking?

Maybe you’ve never considered it before, but making eye contact is an easy way to increase your confidence when talking.

Here are three reasons why eye contact will help you present yourself stronger in front of an audience:

1. Builds Rapport

The simple art of looking at people, rather than at your notes or a PowerPoint presentation, will allow you to connect with those in the room. This connection makes your listeners feel special, appreciated, and respected. It allows them to feel like they matter and have a purpose for being there in the room with you.

Connect with as many people as you can throughout your speech rather than just turning your eyes to one side of the room. That way, your entire audience will feel included.

2. Provides an Understanding of Your Audience

Be aware of facial expressions while you’re making eye contact. It’s an easy and quick way for you to tell if the people in the room are listening, bored, excited, or confused. With that knowledge, you can pause for questions or make adjustments to your speech to keep it engaging.

3. Communicates Confidence

Looking at your audience shows confidence. It’s a nonverbal social cue that expresses assertiveness, self-esteem, and the notion that you are prepared to speak about the topic.

Consider eye contact another secret weapon to add your Presentation Skills toolbox. Use it to help you build rapport with an audience, understand their reactions, and communicate with confidence.



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