Effective Communication is Empowering.

Using an activity-based approach (and a little humor) we offer personalized training focused on your business goals and objectives.

Improving Communications

Improving Communications empowers people to be more efficient and successful by helping them to be clear, brief, and effective. Our learning sessions are designed to help with business communication skills training to enhance the public perception of their expertise.

Better communication skills strengthen your reputation, and the potential for profit.

Our company focuses on you and your needs. Learning can be a challenge. We use an activity-based approach to make it interactive and enjoyable. It is personal – so we get to know your business and understand your goals and objectives.


Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

Improve presentation skills with visuals and persuasion.

Business Writing Classes

Be clear and concise in writing to get results.

Customer Service Training Seminars

Exceed wants and needs to generate repeat sales.

Leadership Training

Lead, motivate, and inspire your staff to achieve goals.

Human Resources Training

Drive human capital strategy to build the business.

Staff Development

Train and develop to upgrade the workforce.

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Meet the Team

Improving Communications, a New York-based corporate training company comprised of superior, dedicated subject-matter experts, provides first-rate communication skills training for individuals and businesses to enhance skills and increase efficiency, growing profitability and creating a more pleasant and positive workplace environment and culture.

Need a Speaker?

Use an Improving Communications talk to get your meeting/conference started or ended in a way that delights audiences and leaves them with valuable information. Inspiring and powerful communication skills content to help make your next event a success.

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“I had the pleasure of attending one of Dr. Atkins’s presentations. Rich made an immediate connection with everyone in attendance and I found it to be one of the most enlightening, inspiring and true-to-life presentations that I have seen. Immediately, I was able to apply things learned or re-learned in his session to my work and continue to draw upon his session.”

Gary Evans, Associate Director of Human Resources

SUNY Cortland

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