3 Sales Tips That Work

WRITTEN March 12, 2020 Author: Jeff Goldberg
This blog was written for Improving Communications by guest blogger Jeff Goldberg.

While I typically share specific sales tips, tools and strategies for closing more business, I’d like to share some more “general” ideas to help you to be more productive AND to close more business!

  1. FocusThink you’re a great multi-tasker? Think again. It’s been proven, scientifically, that the brain can only focus on one thing at any given nanosecond. When you try to do two (or more) things at once, both suffer. Focus on the most important task at hand. Work at it diligently, with everything you’ve got, then move on to the next thing.

    Prioritize. We tend to work on the tasks we most enjoy or are the easiest, but that’s not always what it most likely to bring in $$$. Ask yourself this question regularly during your day: “Am I, right now, doing the thing that’s MOST likely to result in income?” If the answer is no, you need to be doing something else.
  2. Velocity – Salespeople often have an attitude of, “There’s plenty of time…I’ll get to this tomorrow.” You can almost always get back your health, you can almost always make more money, but the one thing you can’t get back is time. Work with VELOCITY! In carpentry there’s a saying: “Measure twice and cut once.” I’m a fan of that idea, but measure twice as quickly as you can. When you take out your saw and begin “cutting” do it as quickly as you can without cutting off your fingers! Work as if you would lose your job this Friday if you don’t get _________ accomplished. Work as if it matters…it does.
  3. Prospect Consistently – In almost all types of sales the most important thing you can do is prospect consistently. We need a constant stream of fresh prospects in the beginning of the pipeline and we need to be moving prospects through the pipeline towards Closed. Without new prospects regularly, somewhere down the line there will be a period of no sales and no income. The biggest challenge I find when coaching salespeople is that they are simply not speaking with enough new prospects.

So remember, it is in your best interest for your job, and your sales pipeline follow these 3 sales tips. First, focus on what is important. Don’t waste time, do it quickly and efficiently. And always be working towards finding new prospects with the next sale to keep the work and income flowing.

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