The Best Books to Read When Preparing a Presentation

WRITTEN November 2, 2017 Author: Rich Atkins

Preparing a presentation can involve a lot of solo work time. There are hours spent planning out the structure on paper, as well as moments spent practicing to an empty room.

During preparation time, it’s common to ask for help. That is often done by practicing in front of colleges or friends for a round of feedback. Or it might mean receiving guidance from an expert. Perhaps even an expert that lives far away, has a busy schedule, but has a helpful book for you to learn from.

When you are looking for support, here are 4 reads that can help jazz up your presentation.

  1. Talk Like Ted – By: Carmine Gallo

If you love watching TED presentations, this is a great resource for you to dive into. Author Carmine Gallo dissects hundreds of TED talks, interviews the most popular TED presenters, and includes research to present readers with the 9 top secrets of successful TED presentations.

  1. Do You Talk Funny?   – By: David Nihill

Adding humor to your presentation can be an effective, yet hard, technique to pull off. Author David Nihau shares the 7 comedy habits that make speakers better and more interesting speakers.

  1. Made to Stick – By: Chip and Dan Heath

When planning your presentation, it’s important to know how to get your message across in a way that sticks. Authors Chip and Dan Heath walk readers through a journey of why humans remember things and explain how to make your message even sticker.

Presentation preparation does not have to be completed as a solo act. Use the advice of knowledgeable authors and books for tips and techniques to include. Learn how to add humor, understand how to make your ideas stick, or give your presentation a TED talk vibe, the books above can help you do just that.

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Photo courtesy of Antonio Caiazzo

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