Business Writing and Customer Service?

WRITTEN October 7, 2021 Author: Rich Atkins

We made it through lockdown, but a lot has changed. Thanks to a lack of face-to-face and an increase in technology use, we find ourselves circling back to a reality where a lot more business is conducted in writing.

But how are business writing and customer service skills related?

Recently, we were on a call with someone from a multi-purpose arena. She was saying that some of her new hires, when providing written customer service, were unable to create basic sentences in writing for the reader. More than ever, Business Writing has become incredibly important in providing service to clients.

When giving instructions, what we used to be able to do face-to-face or on the phone is often now being replaced by written directions. Because of that, sharpening Business Writing skills has become even more urgent. Whether in text, instant message, email, or in response to a query on social media, the spirit of overcommunicating how to achieve a result is critical.

Here are three things you can do to provide better written customer service:

  1. Overcommunicate
    Explain what you want your audience to do in very specific, numbered steps. Break down your process into identifiable components so that the reader can follow and replicate
  2. Connect Actions With Results
    For each step along the way, make sure that the reader knows the “why behind the what.” Tell them what will happen with each step they’re being asked to take. State it in the form of “do this and you’ll get that.”
  3. Be Clear
    You simple and easy-to-understand language. This is not a place to impress people with big vocabulary words. For a diverse reading audience, explain things in the most basic terms, so that everyone can understand.

Times have changed, again. Thanks to lockdown, and a constant increase in the use of technology, face-to-face is falling by the wayside. Now, as in the past, writing is becoming the main form of communication. So make sure your writing and customer service skills are honed, because whether it is via emails, texts, messenger apps, or even social media posts, your writing skills count.

Image courtesy of Luke Wroblewski on Flickr

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