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Business Writing and Customer Service?

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writing and customer service go hand in hand

We made it through lockdown, but a lot has changed. Thanks to a lack of face-to-face and an increase in technology use, we find ourselves circling back to a reality where a lot more business is conducted in writing. But how are business writing and customer service skills related? Recently, we were on a call … Read On >


College Students – Do They Have The Soft Skills They Need?

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College Students / Soft Skills

What gets lost in the shuffle sometimes is the necessity of having the SOFT SKILLS to help relate to others and exist successfully in the workplace as well as overall in society.


Email and Coffee: An Interview with Dr. Rich Atkins

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Email and Coffee

Joi Brooks, host of Email and Coffee, chats with Dr. Rich Atkins, managing director of Improving Communications, about Email Etiquette and the importance of a well written email. Joi Brooks is a email marketing specialist and client-side project manager since 2005, servicing a wide variety of industries and business sectors. She’s comfortable in the thick … Read On >


Performance Evaluation – Improving Your Process

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Performance Evaluation - Feedback Pixabay

Evaluating staff is crucial for setting standards and improving the organization. When a performance evaluation is carried out properly, those involved see justice served when a superstar is recognized, and the underperformer corrected.


Something About You and I

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Grammar | PDPics/Pixabay

e about grammar in the workplace. It’s was so spot-on, that we had to share it with you.


Punctuation Is a Sign of Respect

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Punctuation Shows Respect

Punctuation provides structure and organization to written language. Has your smartphone gotten you into bad habits where it comes to punctuation? If the answer is yes, then your reader can think one of two things: The writer doesn’t know any better, and this is the best s/he could do;  The writer does know better, and … Read On >


Revising and Proofreading

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Revising and Proofreading

So, it is over. You have finally finished the first draft! A quick proofread and you can be done, right? Not quite. Whether you are writing a proposal, a grant application, a college essay, or putting together the speech for the next quarterly meeting, there are a couple of crucial steps to take before you are done. … Read On >


Choosing the Right Word

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choosing the right word

Choosing the right word will guarantee that you will convey exactly what you mean, whereas choosing the incorrect word can sound wrong or can change the meaning of the statement. When do you use “input” or “enter”? What about the difference between “back-up” or “replacement”? How about “fix” or “resolve”? Ensure that words and expressions you … Read On >


Listening is Inter-Reactive: Tony Levin on Listening

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Tony Levin on Listening

An expert in his field, he makes his living on his ability to listen and respond appropriately. We asked him to help us this is Tony Levin on Listening.