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Performance Evaluation – Improving Your Process

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Evaluating staff is crucial for setting standards and improving the organization. When a performance evaluation is carried out properly, those involved see justice served when a superstar is recognized, and the underperformer corrected.


Something About You and I

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e about grammar in the workplace. It’s was so spot-on, that we had to share it with you.


Punctuation Is a Sign of Respect

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Punctuation provides structure and organization to written language. Has your smartphone gotten you into bad habits where it comes to punctuation? If the answer is yes, then your reader can think one of two things: The writer doesn’t know any better, and this is the best s/he could do;  The writer does know better, and … Read On >


Choosing the Right Word

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choosing the right word

Choosing the right word will guarantee that you will convey exactly what you mean, whereas choosing the incorrect word can sound wrong or can change the meaning of the statement. When do you use “input” or “enter”? What about the difference between “back-up” or “replacement”? How about “fix” or “resolve”? Ensure that words and expressions you … Read On >


Listening is Inter-Reactive: Tony Levin on Listening

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Tony Levin on Listening

An expert in his field, he makes his living on his ability to listen and respond appropriately. We asked him to help us this is Tony Levin on Listening.


Numbers When Writing

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Numbers When Writing

We use numbers all the time.  However, do you ever think about how you use numbers when writing?  It is time to make a habit. Follow the accepted standards (listed below). Always make sure that number use in a document is user-friendly–easy to understand. Spell out numbers one through nine. One, two, three, etc. Use figures … Read On >


Murphy’s Law of Email – Engaging Others With Email

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When a potential customer sends an email, will your response automatically start a dialogue? How you present your response to that prospect will determine whether or not you get an answer, or are flat-out ignored. When responding, try a formula like this: Dear Loretta, Hope you’re doing well. There is a salutation before the person’s … Read On >


Text-Speak in the Workplace

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Text-Speak at Work

All choices in communication are of terrific importance. Modern-day shorthand (text-speak) is very useful, and entirely appropriate. (Did that just say what I think it said?) Yes, TXT shorthand is the right answer–when it’s used with the right audience. You can draw an analogy here to using profanity. Vulgar language, when used with the correct … Read On >


Active Voice – When to use Active vs Passive

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Active Voice

What is active voice? Many of us have seen our word processors suggest that we revise from passive voice to active. OK.   What if we don’t know what that means?   “Sure, I know that I’m supposed to use active voice when constructing sentences; and avoid passive voice.” What does that mean? Active voice … Read On >


AWFUL or EXCELLENT Cover Letter?

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Cover Letter

The decision has been made – time for a new job!  The résumé has been spiffed up, and you have found the perfect new position for you.  Now it is time for the cover letter.   This is your chance to speak in your voice and tell this company why they want to hire you. The question … Read On >