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An Executive Summary About Executive Summaries

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Writing Executive Summary

Why Write an Executive Summary? Executives are busy. The Executive Summary will decide if your ideas get attention. It is your chance to tell the reader why they want to keep reading. Whether proposing to your boss or to a potential client, make sure they have the pertinent facts. Know you audience. Match your writing to … Read On >


An Elephant in my pajamas?

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Misplaced Modifier

Misplaced Modifiers Groucho Marx: “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know” The term “misplaced modifier” means that the descriptor in the sentence is in the wrong place. Sometimes, these can be quite humorous, even though the writer/speaker may not have intended them to be. … Read On >


Engage with Email

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Engage with Email

How to Engage Readers with Email (Or How To AVOID Alienating Others With Email)   When you send an email, do you build (or break) rapport? Will your writing automatically start a pleasant dialogue? How you present yourself in writing will determine whether or not you get an answer, or are flat-out ignored. ————————————————————————— When responding, … Read On >


Gender-Fair Language

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Gender Fair Language

Sexism, Discrimination, & Bias – OH MY! Gender Fair or Nonsexist language is the standard today. It means selecting words that are gender neutral or gender inclusive. Avoid using “he” to stand for “he or she.” Nonsexist language includes the following: He/she, S/he, his/her, her/his, him/her, her/him A person or people Police officer (instead of Policeman, … Read On >


Organization In Writing

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organized in writing

Organize Your Writing Organization in writing means putting the information in an order that the audience will best understand. There are three basic ways to organize: Category – putting similar things together in groups. Range – chronological or alphabetic order (highest to lowest, top to bottom, first to last). Location – spatial placement in proximity to each other. Sentence … Read On >


Jargon and Clichés in Writing

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jargon and cliches

When jargon and clichés are used to the point of being meaningless, they end up doing nothing more than wasting our time. You don’t want to get stuck “behind the 8 ball.”   “At the end of the day,” words/expressions like “synergy,” “leverage,” and “deep dive” get so much overuse that they become worthless, and end … Read On >


Pet Peeves

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pet peeves

Does it bother you when people butcher the English Language, or make mistakes that could be avoided? For example: Do you find it irksome that the United States calls their end-of-season Major League baseball game The World Series, when only two countries are involved? Or is it annoying when people call Independence Day the Fourth … Read On >


Commonly Confused Words

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Commonly Confused Words

Commonly Confused Words There are some words that are simply confusing. For instance, when a word has more than one spelling and/or multiple meanings, it may cause you to make a mistake. With many of these potentially-confusing words, spell-check will not help. Knowing how to spell and use these words correctly (or having the information … Read On >


Résumé Writing

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Resume Writing

Résumé Preparation Know what the purpose of your resume and cover letter is – to get an interview! To prepare, complete a Résumé writing data sheet – list work and other activities List your three best work skills or traits (to be used in the Summary and Cover Letter). Write with impact! Use correct grammar … Read On >