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Customer Exit – Customer Service for the “Goodbye”

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Customer Exit

We have talked about the importance of the first impression for a customer that walks into your business.   We create a POSITIVE service image by being friendly and interacting appropriately. GREETING people. Making eye contact. Always maintaining a positive, courteous, helpful tone. Being honest. Caring. Listening. Responding effectively. Resolving complaints. And finally, NEVER blaming … Read On >


What Is a “Bad Attitude”?

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Bad Attitude

Attitude – noun Etymology: French, from Italian attitudine, literally, aptitude, from Late Latin aptitudin-, aptitudo fitness; a mental position with regard to a fact or state; a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and realized along the way that your server had a bad attitude? It is not … Read On >


Making A Great First Impression

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First Impression

A first impression takes only seconds to form, and can be very difficult to change. Most importantly, that first interaction will set the tone for any opinion or relationship that may follow. Be prepared.


Avoid These Blunders During Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement

When you say ‘customer engagement’ you are describing the customer’s direct interaction with your company. Sometimes it makes no difference how good your product is or how strong your staff is, customers always remember their communications with your company. When you’re finished speaking with a customer, that is when s/he starts talking. The question is, what will this customer … Read On >


Guitarist Steve Morse on Listening

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Steve Morse

Listening Is a Lot of Detective Work Steve Morse is a guitarist best known as the founder of the Dixie Dregs; and since 1994, the guitar player of Deep Purple. He was briefly a member of Kansas in the mid 1980s. Morse’s career has encompassed rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, and fusion of these musical genres. The … Read On >


How do you communicate value to your customers?

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Communicate Value

Nothing says “We don’t care about you” more than the phone-spam call I got last week from one of the businesses that I use. The company provides real estate tax reduction. The way it works is, you hire them and they advocate in court for a reduction of your taxes. When they are successful, you … Read On >


Acknowledge – an Important Customer Service Principle

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Acknowledge.   Many times, problem-solving interactions in businesses are moved directly to “the fix.” For some people, that is fine. After all, the customer approached the company to get a solution. Examples include: Something that was missed or overlooked. (“I ordered three copies of the book, but only got one.”). A harm done to the customer. … Read On >


Good Customer Service = Good Information

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customer service information

Think about the last time you were in an airport, waiting in line to go through TSA security screening. In most cases, you knew everything you needed to know before getting to the area where it happens. Because of good information–signs and speech–it is made clear to all that shoes have to be off, gels … Read On >


Happy Thanksgiving! (Gratitude)

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Gratitude, Defined   This week’s reminder comes from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. It’s the definition of “Gratitude.” How you look at the world will affect the amount of thankfulness you have. Take a look at this definition and remember what you’re grateful for in your life. gratitude noun grat·i·tude \ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\   Definition:   a … Read On >