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Soft Skills and Hard Dollars

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Brain - Soft Skills

Do we really need soft skills training? The answer is yes. We all could use improvement with these attributes.


Respect, Listen, Empower, and Be Civil

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Respect, Listen, Empower, Be Civil

re·spect    \ri-ˈspekt\     nouna feeling that someone is important, and should be treated in an appropriate way In the face of conflict and upset, we at Improving Communications have taken time to reflect on what has been happening in our nation, and how we can play a part in making the world a better place … Read On >


Us and Them or We and They

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Us and Them - Diversity

Disunity means that people have chosen sides. It becomes “Us and Them” or “We and They”. They have drawn lines and decided who is on their team, and who is on the opposing team. This is most easily classified as simple, destructive conflict. Yes, LACK OF UNITY= CONFLICT. When in conflict, participants lose perspective (the … Read On >


Happy New Year from the People at Improving Communications

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Well lookie here… the Earth has revolved around the Sun once again! Three hundred sixty-five days have elapsed (or as the cast in the musical Rent would sing, “525,600 Minutes”). A year is a good marker for progress made. Once it’s completed, it all starts again.  Happy New Year.   Two thousand seventeen has been Improving Communications’ best year yet. We owe … Read On >


Are Listening Skills a Lost Art?

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Lost Art of Listening

Listening skills require concentration. Focus lets the brain process the words. It is a two-part process, Hearing is only the first step.


Self-Knowledge = Better Relationships

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It’s a best-practice reminder to help yourself before helping those around you. You’ll be much more useful to others, once you’re OK, right?
Address your needs first, so you can be of maximum use to others when needed. Even the FAA’s Passenger Safety Information Briefing always has people take care of their own needs first (like putting on oxygen masks, if needed), before helping those who need assistance.