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Spotlight: ArrowBright Design & Marketing

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Header Spotlight Arrowbright Designs

Recently, at Improving Communications, we expanded with offices in the UK and Ireland. When we wanted to establish our online presence, we approached our trusted designer, ArrowBright Design & Marketing. They help businesses create websites and provide ongoing design and marketing support after the launch. Today, let’s delve into Rayna’s journey, exploring her background and the evolution of ArrowBright Design, … Read On >


Impact and Gravitas for Women: Executive Presence

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Impact and Gravitas for Women: Executive Presence

This blog was written for Improving Communications by guest bloggers Annie Fine & Cat Clancy. Gravitas was one of the ancient Roman virtues that denoted “seriousness”. It is also translated variously as weight, dignity, and importance and connotes restraint and moral rigor. It also conveys a sense of responsibility and commitment to the task. Wikipedia For all … Read On >


What Now After The Lockdown?

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After the Lockdown

Written by Guest Blogger Ramona da Gama. What now for the Business Community after The Great Lockdown! The last 3 months has been devastating for most businesses, a situation no one could have planned for. The emotions being experienced by this community are confusion, fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness and failure. In many cases, … Read On >


3 Sales Tips That Work

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3 Sales Tips from Improving Communications

3 Sales Tips that work. Guest blogger Jeff Goldberg shares some more “general” ideas to help you to be more productive AND to close more business!


Why Won’t My Prospect Return Calls or Emails?

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Return Calls

We’ve all been there…a terrific series of meetings with a prospect who, after seeing your proposal, “goes dark.” No return calls from your voicemails, no response to your repeated emails.