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NY State Required Sexual Harassment Training

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Did you know that by October 9, of 2019, New York State employers will be required to implement annual sexual-harassment training for all employees? Sexual harassment training will need to cover, or exceed, the mandated standards that are being established by New York State. Improving Communications is here to partner with you on this important … Read On >


Bullying and Microaggressions in the Workplace

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Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators.   It is abusive conduct that is: Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating; Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done; or Verbal abuse. Workplace Bullying… Is driven by perpetrators’ need to control the targeted individual(s). … Read On >


Welcome Mark Fogel

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Welcome Mark Fogel

Improving Communications would like to officially welcome Mark Fogel.   Mark Fogel is best known for his “HR with an Attitude”. His professional background is comprised of multifarious experience, including: CHRO at Leviton Mfg., The Marcum Group, and The Success Academy Charter School Network, as well as co-founding Human Capital 3.0 – a boutique HR advisory firm. … Read On >


Conducting a Behavioral Interview

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Behavior Interview

The interview process is where you have the most control over creating your employee roster, so you’ll want to use the process to its best advantage. Behavioral-based interviewing is a technique used by many companies to identify and assess candidates’ skills, attitudes and values. Behavioral interview questions seek to predict candidates’ suitability for roles within your … Read On >


How to Network Without Leaving the House

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Networking From Home

The main obstacle to networking is finding the time to do it. Meeting up for after-work happy hours, weekend conferences, or mid-day lunches, may not work with your schedule. If you are looking to maximize your time and effort, while also meeting new people in your industry, you may wish to rethink your on-line resources, … Read On >


Happy New Year from the People at Improving Communications

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Well lookie here… the Earth has revolved around the Sun once again! Three hundred sixty-five days have elapsed (or as the cast in the musical Rent would sing, “525,600 Minutes”). A year is a good marker for progress made. Once it’s completed, it all starts again.  Happy New Year.   Two thousand seventeen has been Improving Communications’ best year yet. We owe … Read On >


Is HR a Moneymaker?

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HR A Moneymaker?

Some people make the mistake of undervaluing the Human Resources Department. It’s an easy error to make. For those that think that the HR function is NOT a money-maker for the organization–they’re partially right! Read on, and you’ll find that Human Resources, while not a profit center, actually protects businesses from significant financial loss. But the question … Read On >


Digital First Impressions

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Digital First Impression

Last week we went over making a good First Impressions, there is another area that we should cover. Making good Digital First Impressions.   As a professional, you know that first impressions matter. In the past, that first impression was formed as you stepped into a room and greeted your new audience. Today, things are … Read On >


Making A Great First Impression

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First Impression

Every time you meet a new person, whether in person or on the phone, you are checked-out and immediately evaluated. Right then and there, that person forms an opinion. It all works the same whether it is in the work setting or in your social life, and you only get one chance. Do you know … Read On >


Gender-Fair Language

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Gender Fair Language

Sexism, Discrimination, & Bias – OH MY! Gender Fair or Nonsexist language is the standard today. It means selecting words that are gender neutral or gender inclusive. Avoid using “he” to stand for “he or she.” Nonsexist language includes the following: He/she, S/he, his/her, her/his, him/her, her/him A person or people Police officer (instead of Policeman, … Read On >