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Self-Knowledge = Better Relationships

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It’s a best-practice reminder to help yourself before helping those around you. You’ll be much more useful to others, once you’re OK, right?
Address your needs first, so you can be of maximum use to others when needed. Even the FAA’s Passenger Safety Information Briefing always has people take care of their own needs first (like putting on oxygen masks, if needed), before helping those who need assistance.


Leadership, Management, & Supervision

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Leadership Management

Leadership is hard to define.  Ask different people to define leadership management or supervision, and you will get many interpretations, with each person stressing a different area that they deem most important.  To lead well, you need to discover what you see as important in a good leader.     Leadership Management Defined by others: The Collins English … Read On >


Workplace Equal Rights & Feminism

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Workplace Equal Rights

Here are some interesting facts about women and men: Women earn approximately 77% of wages men earn for the same jobs. In politics and in the C-Suite, women have been, and still are, underrepresented. There continues to be an alarming amount of violence against women, even here in the United States. Feminists act to change … Read On >


What is your productivity style?

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productivity style

Most leaders in industry have realized that employees are productive in different ways. Some work well in the morning, whereas others “come to life” at other times during the day. There are those who achieve best when they’re given very clear-cut instructions, yet the opposite preference may see this as “micro-managing.” Clearly, our staff members prefer … Read On >


Does Your Résumé Present You As Trivial Or Important? Résumé Writing Tips.

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selling with your resume

Does Your Resume Present You As Trivial Or Important? Selling with Your Resume.