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College Students – Do They Have The Soft Skills They Need?

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College Students / Soft Skills

What gets lost in the shuffle sometimes is the necessity of having the SOFT SKILLS to help relate to others and exist successfully in the workplace as well as overall in society.


Action + Benefit = Motivate Your Audience

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Action Benefit Statements

For the promise of gain, people will do what it takes to get what they want—as long as they see value in it. They must be convinced of the benefit they will receive in order to get them to take action.


Communication Skills – Do We Need Them?

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Communication Skills - StockSnap on PixaBay

Talking about communication skills is talking about the ability to give and to receive information effectively. If your words and ideas are not understood easily, then more time and energy (and possibly money) is used to make that happen.


Pauses When Speaking – No Need To Avoid Silence

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Silence: Pauses are OK When Speaking

Use silence to add to the effectiveness of a speech. Dead air is not always “bad.” Consider it the sound of the audience thinking.


The Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech

How can we get people to do what they don’t want to do? The simple answer is that they need to see that what they currently do or have doesn’t work (well) and that if they do something different (better), they will benefit by taking the action.


Online Presenting Best Practices

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Online Presenting

The online-presenting means that we all use web-based video conferencing tools to allow users to meet online, with or without video. Improving Communications online classes use video, audio, and screen-sharing, as well as instructor/facilitator led, activity-based learning.


Not Being Self-Centered: It’s So Easy, UB4me Can Build Relationships

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UB4me is not being self-centered.

Did You Know It Is Not All About You? Not Being Self-Centered: UB4me  I want you to think about this. I think we should all speak less about ourselves and focus more on others. I do this, and it’s quite effective. I encourage you to do the same. I will be more memorable to people by showing that I’m interested in them. That … Read On >


Speaking Skills Matter In Meetings

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Speaking Skills Matter in Meetings

Have a meeting coming up with another person or a handful of people? Here are four public speaking tips to bring to the table.


Watch That Look On Your Face

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Facial Expressions

What is that look on your face? Are you aware of your facial expressions when people talk to you? Well, they certainly are, so it is smart to keep them under control.