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Speaking Skills Matter In Meetings

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Speaking Skills Matter in Meetings

Have a meeting coming up with another person or a handful of people? Here are four public speaking tips to bring to the table.


Watch That Look On Your Face

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Facial Expressions

What is that look on your face? Are you aware of your facial expressions when people talk to you? Well, they certainly are, so it is smart to keep them under control.


What if I forget what to say during my speech?

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Forget What To Say

At the end of a Presentation Skills class I instructed last week, Wrapping up, I asked the audience if there were any final questions. One attendee raised his hand and said, “What do I do if I forget what to say while I’m up in front of the room?” Before I could respond, three more people joined in. … Read On >


Show Enthusiasm When Speaking

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show enthusiasm

Tips on how to show enthusiasm when speaking to an audience. Bring energy to any topic and those in the room will listen.


Recovering From A Public Speaking Mistake

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public speaking mistake

EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES Can you remember the last time someone told you that? I can. It was yesterday. I was speaking in front of a large audience, and I used the wrong word. My brain froze and what came out of my mouth was a few syllables short of the word I meant to use. … Read On >


How To Use Eye Contact To Connect With Your Audience

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Eye contact is an important tool of connection. In our daily interactions, we use direct eye contact to show we are listening, convey feelings, express our emotions, display interest, and communicate attraction.  In front of an audience, eye contact is quite different. The conversation is primarily one-sided, which can be an uncomfortable scenario for some … Read On >


Make The Presentation Stand Out

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Make the Presentation Stand Out

A client needs WOW to secure a commitment. That does not happen if the presenter does not know how to make the presentation stand out.


How to Give a Colleague Feedback on Presentation

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Give a colleague feedback

Feedback helps speakers understand what strengths they have and any areas of improvement needed. One of the best ways to grow your presentation skills is doing dry runs of your speech or workshop in front of an audience of colleagues. So when it’s your turn to observe, the act of giving feedback might feel awkward … Read On >


How Introverts Can Deliver Exceptional Talks When Speaking in Public

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Speaking In Public

The Perception Often, we think of great speakers as people who are personable, funny, and extroverted. Just because you might be introverted, doesn’t mean you can’t feel empowered when you deliver a speech. But it’s introverts who spend a great deal of time studying the material and thinking through the details beforehand. In this way, … Read On >