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Beyond Writing and Speaking is Body Language

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Body Language

Communication is not always verbal.  Although unconscious, the audience pays attention to body language. Speaker body language must tell the audience that s/he respects their personal space and is not negative, intrusive, or hostile. Body language (the physical elements of communication) includes: eye contact, facial expressions, posture, and gestures / movement. EYE CONTACT A United States audience translates … Read On >


It’s Time to Think About Your UVP

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UVP Value Proposition

Your U-V-What? A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is something that any branding expert or sales coach will tell you that you need to craft to perfection. In its essence, a UVP is what makes your company different from any other. It can be the heart and soul of your business. Simply put, your purpose. In … Read On >


How to Find Speaking Gigs

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Find Speaking Gigs

Somewhere on your to-do list, bucket list, or your list of greatest fears, there may be a line item that says, “Speak at more conferences or events.” But where to find speaking gigs? Getting the word out there for something you are passionate about can happen through many channels. You start with a solid online presence, … Read On >


Entrepreneur Spotlight: Make It Happen – Erin Bagwell

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Erin Bagwell

It’s impressive when you encounter someone who turns dreams into reality. This week, we shine the spotlight on someone whose mind was sparked with an idea that was brought to fruition last year. Filmmaker Erin Bagwell did just that, and she’s got an inspirational story. After having founded a storytelling blog called Feminist Wednesday, she … Read On >


Have a Succeessful Long Presentation

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Long Presentation

Do you ever find yourself in need of a long nap or a double espresso after giving a presentation? Speaking can be exhausting. Not only are you stretching your vocal cords, but also you’re pulling on the strings of your memory. Whether you’re giving an hour-long presentation, a day-long workshop, or speaking for back-to-back afternoons … Read On >


What to Do With Your Arms While Speaking

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Arms While Speaking

A large part of public speaking has to do with how you use your body while you present your material. It’s a known statistic that 60-90% of how we communicate is non-verbal. Preparations for any presentation have to start with practicing perfect posture and constant eye contact, but you question: “What do I do with my arms?”   … Read On >


Do As They Say AND Do As They Do!

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Do as they Do

A fun and interesting way to become a better presenter is to watch good presenters present. Learn to Do As They Do! Go and buy a ticket to a conference and watch a speaker live, or just explore videos on YouTube. If you want to improve your style, commit to watching others speak so that … Read On >


Know Your Purpose

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know your purpose

One of the first things you may do when planning for a presentation is figure out the purpose. What’s are the objectives? Is there a goal? These questions usually pertain to your content, but they are worth asking about yourself. Why are YOU giving this presentation? What do YOU want to get out of your … Read On >


How to Prepare for Potential Questions

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Prepare for Questions

Preparation is key for any presentation you give. Whether that means spending time practicing out loud to a roomful of colleagues, or rehearsing in front of a mirror, make sure to spend quality time with your material and ENSURE that you have confidence, credibility, and a good handle on your fear when it’s “showtime.” One … Read On >