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Do As They Say AND Do As They Do!

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Do as they Do

A fun and interesting way to become a better presenter is to watch good presenters present. Learn to Do As They Do! Go and buy a ticket to a conference and watch a speaker live, or just explore videos on YouTube. If you want to improve your style, commit to watching others speak so that … Read On >


Know Your Purpose

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know your purpose

One of the first things you may do when planning for a presentation is figure out the purpose. What’s are the objectives? Is there a goal? These questions usually pertain to your content, but they are worth asking about yourself. Why are YOU giving this presentation? What do YOU want to get out of your … Read On >


How to Prepare for Potential Questions

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Prepare for Questions

Preparation is key for any presentation you give. Whether that means spending time practicing out loud to a roomful of colleagues, or rehearsing in front of a mirror, make sure to spend quality time with your material and ENSURE that you have confidence, credibility, and a good handle on your fear when it’s “showtime.” One … Read On >


Getting Rid of the Rambles

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The Rambles

It’s common to get the rambles. Some people do it because they are nervous, and have trouble making concise points. Others will talk too much because they are not prepared and get lost trying to find their way from Point A to Point B. Rambling may be one of your presentation habits, or perhaps being long-winded is something you … Read On >


A Pre-Presentation Pep Talk

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Presentation Pep-Talk

xRight before it’s your turn you may try squeeze in one more practice run. The best pre-presentation task to do, is give yourself a presentation pep talk.


Remember Thy Name

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It is said that one of the best ways to build rapport with an audience is by learning their names. Sounds easy, right? Can you remember thy name? Have you ever introduced yourself to people, shook a hand, and heard a name, just to forget seconds later? Chances are you have – it is human nature! … Read On >


Making A Great First Impression

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First Impression

A first impression takes only seconds to form, and can be very difficult to change. Most importantly, that first interaction will set the tone for any opinion or relationship that may follow. Be prepared.


What Is Your Purpose

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Know Your Purpose

Before you dive into visual aids or props for your presentation, take a step back and ask yourself an important question: What is your purpose?


How to End a Presentation – Making a Good Exit

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End A Presentation

The Closing Planning the flow of a presentation, a good amount of time is spent brainstorming how the introduction and opening will go. But do you think about how you are going to end a presentation? As we all know, it is important to capture your audience’s attention right from the start!  A good opening makes them interested in hearing … Read On >