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Avoiding Death by Powerpoint

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Stacking the Deck! Many PowerPoint presentation slides used in executive presentations are just awful. Most people cannot read and listen at the same time. Remember, your slides are supposed to augment your presentation, not BE the presentation. Here are some tips from our public speaking and presentation skills course. Use these ideas to streamline your PowerPoint and … Read On >


Extra Ways to Practice Public Speaking

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Practice Public Speaking

You have spent time planning out the structure of your speech and organizing your main points so that the audience can properly digest your information.  You have also spent countless hours rehearsing out loud in front of a mirror, a group of peers, or simply by recording yourself and listening the playback. Is that all you … Read On >


Stand Up For Yourself

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Stand Up

When you are giving a speech or addressing a group and are nervous, it is written all over your body. Your arms and limbs may shake, your shoulders may slouch, or your hands may be tucked away in your pockets. When you are a presenter, an audience will form their first impression of you starting with how comfortable you appear … Read On >


Practice Makes Improvement

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Practice Mirror

The research is done. The speech is ready. After piecing it all together, now comes the time to spend countless hours learning what to say during the actual presentation. There are many different methods to the art of practicing. But whether you decide to remember by making note cards (or an outline), reciting the information … Read On >


Communication is a Process

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Communication Skills

When writing or speaking to others, communicators Need specific goals Successful communication is when you are able to solve problems, provide new information, or persuade others to take action. During the communication process, there is a sender, receiver(s), and the message. A sender’s choices can create understanding or confusion. How does your communication leave your … Read On >


Greeting Your Audience

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Greeting Your Audience

Before beginning a presentation, you may find yourself with a mind full of anxious thoughts, questioning what you should do first. As you make your way to the front of the room, remember that one of the best ways to kick off your speech is by simply and effectively greeting your audience. It may seem like … Read On >


The Importance of Eye Contact When Speaking

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Eye Contact

Eye Contact – How Important Is It? There are a handful of techniques, tips, and tricks that can make anyone a more effective public speaker. A change in vocal tone and range can help. We all work at keeping those nerves under control. And let’s not forget, practice, practice, practice. But there is one thing that a … Read On >


Fighting Nerves When You’re In Front of An Audience

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fighting nerves

When speaking in front of an audience, it’s very common to feel a wave of nerves intercept your brain and your body. Make sure you have the tools for fighting nerves. Once you find yourself making eye contact with a room of people, you may find yourself battling nervous shakes or experiencing a mental block … Read On >


Convince Your Audience – The Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech | Pixabay

The goal of a persuasive speech or presentation is to influence and change the opinions and actions of others. Some examples of the persuasive speech include: a sermon, a homily, a political campaign speech, a sales presentation, coaching another person or a group, a lawyer’s statements to a jury or judge, and even asking for … Read On >