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How to Give Great Presentations

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Great Presentations

How to Give Great Presentations When giving a presentation, there are four areas to consider to ensure that your audience gets the most value. These are: content, visuals, body language, and speech. For example: WHAT THEY WILL LEARN – CONTENT Determine the purpose – decide what you want your audience to know/do with the material you are presenting. … Read On >


Pet Peeves

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pet peeves

Does it bother you when people butcher the English Language, or make mistakes that could be avoided? For example: Do you find it irksome that the United States calls their end-of-season Major League baseball game The World Series, when only two countries are involved? Or is it annoying when people call Independence Day the Fourth … Read On >


Avoid Filler Words and Verbal Tics

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filler words

When speaking in front of an audience, it can be very easy to fall back on filler words and verbal tics.  You probably don’t even know that you are doing it! It’s distracting when a speaker continuously says “um” or “ah” during a presentation.  It can even make the speaker sound like s/he’s not sure of … Read On >


A Magic Number for Presenters – Speech Key Points

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Speech Key Points

Think about the last presentation you attended (virtual or in-person). Do you have a good mental image of it? Now ask yourself how many of the speech key points you actually remember from that presentation. In 20+ years of instructing all kinds of presentation skills classes, I have asked this “key points” question to hundreds of … Read On >


Running Effective Meetings

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Running Effective Meetings

All our work efforts are to increase productivity and reduce wasted time. As a result, the meetings we hold had better be important ones. Use time well by running effective meetings.


Impromtu Speaking – What to Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

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Impromptu Speaking

All the time, you are asked to speak without preparation. The phone rings, and you answer it. Whatever the prompt is on the other end of the line, when it’s your turn to speak, you will be presenting information WITHOUT ANY PREPARATION. What should you do when you’re asked to speak on a topic and you … Read On >


Noise or Noises – Which Is Correct Grammar?

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Correct Grammar

A pair of friends disagreed on which is correct. Is it “noise,” or “noises”?

From what you know, what would you say? Which is correct?


Stage Presence: ENGAGE Your Audience

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Stage Presence is charisma and charm that pulls the audience into the performance and commands attention. It is a performance skill that enables you to engage your audience. Being passionate and enthusiastic connects the performer with the audience and brings them into the story that is being told; all the while appropriately reflecting their emotion. … Read On >


Managing Audience Perception

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Do as they Do

Audiences are composed of people, all of whom have different perceptions.