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Communication Skills – Do We Need Them?

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Communication Skills

Talking about communication skills is talking about the ability to give and to receive information effectively. If your words and ideas are not understood easily, then more time and energy (and possibly money) is used to make that happen.


3 Essentials for Negotiating in a Sale

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Negotiating a sale

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” – John F. Kennedy When you work in sales, you already know that negotiation is essential for any deal. Any entry-level salespeople can tell you this. But how do you go about finding that sweet spot of give and take?  Negotiating … Read On >


Did You Do Your Homework? (Due Diligence)

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Due Diligence for Meeting Preparation

Perform and apply due diligence when preparing a learning curriculum. The benefits build value for the clients, the participants, and to you too.


3 Sales Tips That Work

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3 Sales Tips from Improving Communications

3 Sales Tips that work. Guest blogger Jeff Goldberg shares some more “general” ideas to help you to be more productive AND to close more business!


Speaking Skills Matter In Meetings

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Speaking Skills Matter in Meetings

Have a meeting coming up with another person or a handful of people? Here are four public speaking tips to bring to the table.


Spotlight: John Epstein

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John Epstein

In my late twenties, fear stalled me in my work. Now I have the career of my dreams doing the very thing that caused me the most anxiety!  It was the all-consuming fear of speaking before groups, large or small, that held me back. That stress of making presentations was dispiriting and frustrating. I had to do … Read On >


Why Won’t My Prospect Return Calls or Emails?

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Return Calls

We’ve all been there…a terrific series of meetings with a prospect who, after seeing your proposal, “goes dark.” No return calls from your voicemails, no response to your repeated emails.


Tips for Conducting a Phone Interview

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Conducting a Phone Interview

Phone interviews can be a great method to get knowledge about a candidate before making a decision to get them in for an interview in person.


Pat Mastelotto on Listening

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Pat Mastelotto

As a rock musician, I don’t read music. I play by intuition. That is, I listen and react. That’s why I play better when I listen.