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Is a Virtual Classroom Enough

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Is the Virtual Classroom Enough - Image by Anna Shvets

As a corporate education provider, we found ourselves having to adjust our methods over the years. When we started, all of our trainings were held in-person and onsite. We had given a few online classes by request, but it was not our focus. The question was always hanging there, is a virtual classroom enough? In … Read On >


Time to Develop Your Skills – But do you need a trainer, coach, or mentor?

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Trainer Coach or Mentor - Which do you need?

Trainer, Coach, or Mentor: Which One Do You Need to Develop Your Business Skills?


Anger In The Workplace

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Anger in the Workplace

Anger is a normal emotion, but it can be destructive if it is not managed effectively. When there is anger in the workplace it can lead to conflict, a decrease in productivity, and sometimes in a worst-case scenario, even violence. There are many causes of workplace anger, including: Stress: Long hours, tight deadlines, and demanding workloads … Read On >


The Customer Focused Mindset

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Creating a Customer Focused Mindset | Improving Communications

What is a Mindset? A mindset is defined as the attitudes, inclinations, or beliefs of an individual. Those attitudes affect our actions. What is a Customer-Focused Mindset? A Customer-Focused Mindset is when attitudes and beliefs are aligned to help your customers in any way possible. Accordingly, you make sure they are confident that they are being treated with care and … Read On >


Spotlight: John Epstein

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John Epstein

In my late twenties, fear stalled me in my work. Now I have the career of my dreams doing the very thing that caused me the most anxiety!  It was the all-consuming fear of speaking before groups, large or small, that held me back. That stress of making presentations was dispiriting and frustrating. I had to do … Read On >


It’s Giveaway Time

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‘Tis the season of giving and with this time upon us, we want to give you the gift of stronger communication skills. An effective ability to communicate is vital in today’s world. The way we communicate directly affects the outcome of our interactions in our personal and professional lives. Therefore, we’d like to give you … Read On >