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More Essentials For Customer Service Skills

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Essentials for Customer Service -- Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Last week we talked about 3 Essential Qualities for Customer Service – here are a few more to take under consideration.


Ghosted – Effective Customer Service Skills?

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Ghosting: Customer Service Skills?

Have you ever been in touch with a business and made arrangements with them only to have them go dark at some point during the process? In the dating world, they call this ghosting.


Feedback: A Review for the Executive Team

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Feedback : Image by Gerd Altman at Pixabay

Manager-to-employee feedback is the standard, it is expected. However, things can get dicey when a peer or subordinate comments on the job performance of the manager.


Anger and Conflict Management

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Conflict Management

Just because anger is a valid emotion, that doesn’t mean there is no need to manage it. It is up to each one of us to take control of ourselves whether at work, at school, or at home as best as we can.


Email and Coffee: An Interview with Dr. Rich Atkins

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Email and Coffee

Joi Brooks, host of Email and Coffee, chats with Dr. Rich Atkins, managing director of Improving Communications, about Email Etiquette and the importance of a well written email. Joi Brooks is a email marketing specialist and client-side project manager since 2005, servicing a wide variety of industries and business sectors. She’s comfortable in the thick … Read On >


A Bad Customer Experience

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Bad Customer Experience

A Bad Customer Experience – Read a case study of a call gone wrong, and a few tips on how it could have gone better.