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4 Tips For Having A Good Conversation

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Being able to communicate with people, and engaging in conversation is important in all walks of life. No matter the situation, having a likable, friendly presence will work in your favor. But sometimes, entering an interview, a new social setting, or a business meeting can be overwhelming or uncomfortable. But despite that, you can still … Read On >


Recognizing The Value Of Vulnerability In Leadership Roles

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leadership roles improving Commiunications

When managers come to a leadership training, they often seek ways to show strength, improve team performance, and motivate challenging employees.  However, one of the traits overlooked by strong leaders is the value of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure we are all forced to face at many points in our lives. … Read On >


Watch That Look On Your Face

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Facial Expressions

What is that look on your face? Are you aware of your facial expressions when people talk to you? Well, they certainly are, so it is smart to keep them under control.


Spotlight: John Epstein

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John Epstein

In my late twenties, fear stalled me in my work. Now I have the career of my dreams doing the very thing that caused me the most anxiety!  It was the all-consuming fear of speaking before groups, large or small, that held me back. That stress of making presentations was dispiriting and frustrating. I had to do … Read On >


Why Won’t My Prospect Return Calls or Emails?

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Return Calls

This blog was written for Improving Communications by guest blogger Jeff Goldberg. We’ve all been there…a terrific series of meetings with a prospect who, after seeing your proposal, “goes dark.” No return calls from your voicemails, no response to your repeated emails. It’s as if they’ve been swallowed by a black hole. It’s baffling and … Read On >


What if I forget what to say during my speech?

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Forget What To Say

At the end of a Presentation Skills class I instructed last week, Wrapping up, I asked the audience if there were any final questions. One attendee raised his hand and said, “What do I do if I forget what to say while I’m up in front of the room?” Before I could respond, three more people joined in. … Read On >


Tips for Conducting a Phone Interview

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Conducting a phone interview.

Phone interviews can be a great method to get knowledge about a candidate before making a decision to get them in for an interview in person.


Show Enthusiasm When Speaking

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show enthusiasm

Tips on how to show enthusiasm when speaking to an audience. Bring energy to any topic and those in the room will listen.


Pat Mastelotto on Listening

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Pat Mastelotto

As a rock musician, I don’t read music. I play by intuition. That is, I listen and react. That’s why I play better when I listen.


Recovering From A Public Speaking Mistake

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public speaking mistake

EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES Can you remember the last time someone told you that? I can. It was yesterday. I was speaking in front of a large audience, and I used the wrong word. My brain froze and what came out of my mouth was a few syllables short of the word I meant to use. … Read On >