Commonly Confused Words

WRITTEN June 23, 2016 Author: Rich Atkins

Commonly Confused Words

There are some words that are simply confusing. For instance, when a word has more than one spelling and/or multiple meanings, it may cause you to make a mistake. With many of these potentially-confusing words, spell-check will not help.

Knowing how to spell and use these words correctly (or having the information readily accessible) will help to solve the problem. If these or other words challenge you, make note of them and post the spellings/meanings near where you write. After a while, you’ll know them cold!

Here are some examples of Commonly Confused Words:

  • Their – possessive of “they” (Their department is the largest in the company.)
  • There – opposite of “here” (We meet there each week.)
  • They’re – contraction of “they are” (They’re coming for the meeting.)

  • Your – possessive of “you”(I will take your advice.)
  • You’re – contraction of “you are” (You’re going to like my advice.)

  • To – in a direction toward
  • Too – also; very
  • Two – the number 2 (If you two go to town, don’t stay too late.)


There are more:

  • a lot, alot*
  • are, our
  • breath, breathe
  • clothes, cloths
  • grammar, grammer*
  • knew, new
  • loose, lose
  • since, sense
  • surprise, suprise*
  • threw, through
  • worse, worst

*Always wrong

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