How do you communicate value to your customers?

WRITTEN October 7, 2016 Author: Rich Atkins

Nothing says “We don’t care about you” more than the phone-spam call I got last week from one of the businesses that I use. The company provides real estate tax reduction. The way it works is, you hire them and they advocate in court for a reduction of your taxes. When they are successful, you pay them half the amount that they reduced your taxes by. It’s a pretty good deal. There are many companies out there that do this.

I’ve been using this company for a few years, but we don’t have any sort of real relationship. Their service is just a commodity to me. I continue to work with them out of habit, that’s all. They’ve done nothing proactively to advance our rapport.

Last week, my phone rang. I answered it, only to be greeted with a recorded announcement from this company. I don’t even know what it said. I was so outraged that they would call me–an existing customer–using a phone-spam recorded message.

One-way communication on a company’s part does not foster a connection. It destroys whatever bond may have existed.

In addition to their recorded phone message, there was an email that came in a day or two later reminding me to submit my application. I responded in writing, announcing that I would never again do business with them because they phone-spammed me. In the email, I used a similar statement to the headline here: Nothing says “I don’t care about you” more than phone-spamming your existing customers with a recorded announcement.

That’s when I got a personal response. It was too little, too late.

I understand that email can be more impersonal because of its “blast” nature. We can send to many people at once, and that has its benefits. Being spoken at by a recording is dehumanizing. Any verbal contact must be made by live humans.

If you want to let your customers know you care about them, even just a little, speak to them directly like they are valuable to you.

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