Customer Service 101

WRITTEN October 27, 2011 Author: Rich Atkins

Creating the right customer service image.

“Service” simply means ”work done for another.“

We transition from customer to service provider numerous times every day.  That’s a great chance to learn about how you want to provide service to your customers (internal and external).  Ask yourself what you like/don’t like about some of your service providers’ qualities.  Doing this will help you define how you provide service to others.

How YOU Can Create a Service Image

The following can help to create a positive service image

  • Be friendly / Interact

GREET people

Make eye contact

Use a positive, courteous, helpful tone and actions

  • Be honest
  • Care
  • Listen
  • Respond effectively
  • Resolve complaints
  • Don’t blame or make excuses
  • Don’t give information that could damage the company’s reputation.

This information is from the Improving Customer Service class. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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