I, I, I, Me, Me, Me – Oh My, My, My!

WRITTEN March 6, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

100% satisfaction service tag“ME first! ME first!”

“The most important person in the whole wide world is ME.”

Improving Communications goes against Pop Culture, which has polluted thinking with these kinds of statements.  We believe in UB4I.  On the surface, ideas like the ones above tell people that they need to care for and value themselves and what they do first, before they can be useful to others. This is only a half-truth.


Developing positive self-esteem comes from performing estimable acts. In other words, people derive good feelings because of the actions they take – what they do. They don’t need to feel good about themselves first, in order to play well in life.

Having a service mindset means putting others before yourself. Putting others first requires re-ordering your priorities and taking care of another’s needs ahead of your own. This doesn’t sound fun, but there is merit in it.

The reward in placing yourself after others is in the value you get–from your own actions–and from the affirmations of those you’ve helped. Practice means improvement, and getting better at focusing on others means that you will develop a more keen emotional sense of what people need, expect, and want.

The Improving Customer Service class is your chance to hone the skills needed to make you the most effective service professional possible. To do this, means starting with UB4I.


UB4me: Put the “You” Before the “Me”.

This information is from our Customer Service curriculum. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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