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WRITTEN August 3, 2017 Author: Rich Atkins

Hiring a tech writer or copy writer? Have you thought to consider that an English degree would come in handy?

There is a readwrite article by Matt Asay, vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, Inc.  In his article, the author makes a strong case for why we need good writers on staff in all our business ventures. It’s well worth a read.  It makes a strong case for an English degree,

Why should your company focus on good writing? Isn’t providing an excellent product or service enough? The answer is “no.” Asay points out that you need people to communicate the benefits of your offerings to the public. He aptly states that we “depend on humanities-oriented communicators to articulate why the technology matters.”

In other words, companies can develop amazing products, but fail to get the public interested in buying them. All that innovation could be wasted because of an inability to communicate in a way that motivates the buying public. We need English majors to tell the company’s or product’s story.

“Quality storytelling could be the difference between getting funded or not, and getting customers…or not.”

According to Asay, people need to know why they should buy into your company’s goods. “Answering that ‘why’ question is something English majors do very well.”

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