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WEBINAR: Responding to Crisis with Action

Leadership Webinar Series from Improving Communications

Attendees will gain the knowledge and tools to be the voice of leadership in a crisis.

1.)   Communicating in a Crisis – In times of great uncertainty, effective leaders provide reassurance by communicating clearly, concisely and commandingly. Gain historical context and practical advice on:
  • Structuring messages for maximum impact,
  • The subtle ways our communication style can inspire confidence, and
  • Addressing the concerns of our listeners.
2.)   Remote Work – the HR Perspective

Currently, working from home has become reality for a wide swath of employees. While we recognize that normal work patterns, modes of communication, and team dynamics will be disrupted, you can  encourage your leadership to explore remote working arrangements with their teams to ensure that operations can continue as normally as possible. Learn:

  • Tips and strategies to collaborate effectively and meet deadlines.
  • Quantifying and delegating deliverables and roles
  • Staying connected with people to provide guidance, support and encouragement for working virtually.
  • Understanding Emotion and Responding Appropriately
  • Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, assess and positively influence one’s own and other people’s emotions.  Emotions are habits, as old as the user.
  • Understand emotional intelligence as it relates to personal and professional success,
  • Increase emotional intelligence through the four domains,
  • Know and use emotions for better decision making, and
  • Show empathy to build trust

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VENUE: Online Webinar

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After a two-day seminar, our attendees remained in their seats wanting more from Dr Atkins. His direct, yet challenging approach to presenting topics seemed to mesmerize the participants. Many very lively discussions were part of our workshop’s context. Personally, I am very interested in re-booking this type of experience every year for new leaders to undergo!

Michael J. Whitlock, Director of Fay Corey Union & ConferencesSUNY Cortland