Extra Ways to Practice Public Speaking

WRITTEN February 8, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

You take the time to plan out the structure of your speech and organize your main points so that the audience can properly digest your information. You also spend countless hours rehearsing out loud in front of a mirror, a group of peers, or simply by recording yourself and listening the playback. What else can be done to practice public speaking?

Maybe you are looking to take a break from running through your speech or presentation over and over. Did you know that there are other ways to help you improve your public speaking skills through the knowledge and examples of others?

Here are three ways that we recommend:

  1. Take a Local Class

Gain more insight on public speaking techniques, tips, and tricks by signing up for a local class (perhaps even an Improving Communications class.) Let an experienced instructor help guide and shape your presentation skills. They help you practice public speaking, not just your speech.

  1. Watch a Famous Speech

Press play on MLK JR’s “I have a Dream Speech” or maybe choose a Presidential Inauguration speech that brought you to tears. Listening and watching people whom you admire speak is a great way to pick up on techniques that will help take your presentation to the next level. Notice how they use dramatic pausesvocal inflection, and the strong and well phrased call-to-action at the end.

  1. Listen to a Comedy Act

One of the best ways to prepare for a presentation is to get into a positive mindset. Listen to ten minutes of stand-up comedy from your favorite performer before you deliver your own speech. Watch the comfortable way they own the stage with their body language and listen to the delivery of their punch lines. Maybe you will find some of that confidence and stage presence rubbing off on you!
It is true that practice makes improvement! Remember that one of the best ways to prepare for a speech or presentation is to improve by example.

This information is from our Public Speaking curriculum. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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Photo courtesy of Joe Lodge

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