How to Find Speaking Gigs

WRITTEN September 20, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

Somewhere on your to-do list, bucket list, or your list of greatest fears, there may be a line item that says, “Speak at more conferences or events.” But where to find speaking gigs?

Getting the word out there for something you are passionate about can happen through many channels. You start with a solid online presence, some good press, and a bit of active engagement on social media. However, there is nothing as powerful as delivering an impactful keynote presentation, or an in-person demonstration on a product or service.

If you are looking to spread your message more in real life, it’s time to browse potential speaking engagements. Here is where to go to find the best events, with the right audience, for your message:

Research Industry Conventions & Conferences

Search for large-scale events that are taking place in the next year within your industry. Make a list of the top 10 events you would like to speak at. Then write down topics that would be fitting for the audience. Pitch ideas to conference organizers for how you would be the right match in the conference as a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, or as a member of a panel.

Eventbrite is a great resource for conferences and conventions.

Check Local Events & Meetups

Look at local events too. Whether these events are local meetups, workshops taking place at a co-working space, or small-scale conferences, think of how you could provide value as a speaker. Approach your local Public Library that may looking for interesting seminars to host. The Continuing Education group within a local School District could also open up for you as a one-night or multi-session expert. is a helpful site for researching events in your area.

Host One Yourself

If no existing conferences seem like the right thing for your topic, consider hosting an event yourself. Partner with other professionals and ask them to lead a workshop, demonstration, or presentation on a topic of their choice.

If you have “Find Speaking Gigs” as a goal of yours, start researching where your presentation would work best. If you’re eager to give your presentation sooner rather than later, host an event on your own.


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