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WRITTEN May 31, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

Jen GlanzMy name is Jen Glantz and I’m here today to introduce myself and tell you a little more about my role at Improving Communications.

I joined the IC team in the middle of 2016 as an instructor, and have ran a fair share of our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills classes. I look forward to taking on some Business Writing and Leadership classes in 2017.

While teaching has grown to be one of my bigger passions, it wasn’t always something I was interested in doing. I grew up very shy, flinching at the idea of having to stand in front of a room and speak to a crowd of strangers. Over the years, I have adopted the mantra of, “When something scares you, just do it!” So I intentionally put myself in situations that at first made me uncomfortable.

Those uncomfortable situations led me to my first job as a professional tour guide for the nation’s second largest University (and my Alma Mater), the University of Central Florida. My job consisted of leading hundreds of visitors around the campus and explaining to them the features and activities UCF had to offer. This was when I realized my true passion was helping others learn through stories, personal experiences, and valuable information.

Since that job, I’ve had many others. I’ve worked as a magazine writer, a public relations associate, a tech start-up copywriter, and as the CEO of my own company, Bridesmaid for HireBridesmaid for Hire. That last gig lead me in front of the TV camera, where I did some live interviews (for TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News) and served as a contestant on the ABC game show revival, To Tell The Truth.

In my different positions over the years, I even found myself putting together workshops on a multitude of topics, and then was given the opportunity to travel around the country to present them at conferences such as SXSW in Austin, Texas and at Google, New York City Headquarters. I’m also the author of two books. Simon and Schuster published my latest book, Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire), this past February.

Working for IC has been one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever hard. Through the work and training I have received at Improving Communications I have been able to refine my teaching skills, discover new ways to communicate information effectively, and most importantly, find ways to just have fun when working with groups.

I look forward to meeting you in person. Until then, keep reading the IC blog for tips and tricks on how to become a confident and engaging speaker.

All the best,
Jen Glantz

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