How to Pitch a Presentation Idea

WRITTEN November 15, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

Ask yourself this question: If you could give a presentation on any topic, to any audience, what would it be?


You’ve had an idea for a presentation in mind for quite some time, or maybe you know someone in your company or organization is going to ask you to take the stage in the coming months. What type of presentation would you be excited to give?  Do you know how you should pitch a presentation idea?

You have your idea. Now you have to learn how to present that idea to others (whether it is to company executives, conferences, or colleagues).

  1. Summarize it Into a Tweet

A presentation can be ten minutes or two hours long, but when you are presenting the idea to others, keep it short. Can you summarize what the purpose of your presentation is into 280 (or, if you are old school 140) characters or fewer? How about into 30 seconds or fewer – an elevator pitch? Catch the decision makers’ attention with a focused pitch of the what and why of your speech.

  1. Include the Audience

Talk about the audience first. When describing your speech, include why the audience needs to hear it, what they will learn, and most importantly, what they will take away when the presentation is over.

  1. Demonstrate Your Credibility

Have the answer to the question, “Why you?” Why are you the one that should give this presentation? Include a short bio, speaking videos, or decks from previous presentations.

  1. Put it in Context

End your pitch by sharing why your proposed presentation is relevant. Is there something happening in the industry, world, or time of year that makes it timely? Put it into context so that organizers can see why it’s a good fit.


Pitch your topic in a short, relevant, and audience-focused way, so that those in charge of picking speakers will understand why you, why now, and why it is important when it comes to your presentation.


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