I See Things Differently

WRITTEN September 4, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

See things differently
There is great value in “Seeing Things Differently.”
To illustrate this, think about a new stressful situation or problem at work. What recent issue are you facing that needs to be resolved?

Now, try the Focus Exercise below.

Focus Exercise

Directions: focus on a point about six feet in front of you, framed by both index fingers, each about four inches apart. Now, move both index fingers slowly to the very edges of your peripheral vision just to the point where you can no longer see them. When you get there, bring both fingers back to the edges of your periphery, where you can once again see and be aware of them.

Engaging in this focus exercise relaxes your entire physiology. It opens your mind as a result.

When you’re focused on a problem, and not getting anywhere, try this exercise. It will change the way you think when you return to the problem.

The Old Cliché: Think Outside the Box

What can we do to increase our abilities to See Things Differently?

Here are three exercises to increase our abilities to see the world differently:

  1. Study an object until you find out a few facts about it that you didn’t know before.
  2. Choose a word (random or specific) and list 5 ways in which that word relates to your life.
  3. List 10 things you need to consider before making any decision.

Now let’s turn these three exercises toward work:

  1. Study an element of your “challenging situation/problem” to discover something new about it.
  2. Use a solution word and draw relationships between it and the problem.
  3. Identify the considerations that must be taken in decisions relating to this problem?

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