Jargon and Clichés in Writing

WRITTEN August 4, 2016 Author: Rich Atkins

When jargon and clichés are used to the point of being meaningless, they end up doing nothing more than wasting our time. You don’t want to get stuck “behind the 8 ball.”


“At the end of the day,” words/expressions like “synergy,” “leverage,” and “deep dive” get so much overuse that they become worthless, and end up slowing us down.

“We need to give 110% to create a win-win situation. It’s about going from good to great.” (Ugh!)

Ensure that you are communicating accurately and appropriately, stay away from jargon and clichés, unless you’re Jim Steinman, writing all those hit songs for Meatloaf (and many others). He relied on clichés because they are familiar. So in pop music-writing, use all the clichés you’d like! In Business Writing, stay away from trite and overused words and expressions.

To illustrate the point further, we have some reading material that was pointed out to us by one of our readers. It is an article by Ambrose Clancy appearing in the Long Island Business News, called “Too Much Jargon, Cliches in Business.”  It’s (“from good to”) great!


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