More Essentials For Customer Service Skills

WRITTEN April 14, 2021 Author: Rich Atkins

Last week we showed you the 3 Essential Qualities For Good Customer Service. Check it out if you missed it.

This week we are going to flesh it out a bit with more qualities that are important for building confidence and trust with your customers.

Concern For Others

WIIFM?—“What’s in it for me?” is the theme of the “me generation.” In direct opposition to selfish concerns, providers must focus first on customer concerns. 

Putting customers and prospects first is viewed as friendliness; being considerate. How many times have you questioned the trustworthiness of businesses after several failed attempts to make contact with one: “Are these people so busy that they don’t have time to return a simple phone call?” Perhaps they are, but the question of doing good business and having concern for others is raised. Show courtesy, answer those calls.

Think you may want to go that extra mile? Show consideration they may not expect. Have a list of cross referrals at the ready, that way you can give selected names to callers when your services aren’t right for them. Providing that kind of referral will be remembered when they do need your services. Show interest in the people you deal with to win their trust and business.


Show appreciation (thank you notes, emails, token gifts) and let the customer know that you value the relationship. Your customer may be more likely to call with questions, new jobs, or referrals when they have the need, and are reminded of you when they look at the gift calendar or coffee mug that sits on their desk.

Gratitude is a mindset that requires discipline to achieve. So much of modern media encourages us to focus on problems. Focusing on solutions is in direct contradiction to this idea, as is the perpetually grateful business person. People remember those who “treat them well.” Express your thankfulness and you will not be forgotten easily.


Stick to your beliefs and values. Sometimes, we’re asked to go outside the realm of acceptable. Draw on courage and state only what you can do. Doing the right thing may not always feel good, but it is essential to building trust among clients and the professional community.

In one instance, a business person admitted that she would “say anything to the client just to get the business.” In the SELLING SKILLS ► INTO ACTION sales class, we tell participants that they can make a sale based on a lie—ONCE. The reputation of integrity takes a lifetime to build, but one action can destroy it entirely. Tread carefully and be a good person. The rewards of honest business outweigh temporary gains.

Sense of Humor

“Rule 62” reminds people not to take themselves too seriously. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Turn failure into opportunity for growth. Think about something that upset you two weeks ago. It probably isn’t that important now.  Some very good advice I heard given to an angry high school student was “You probably won’t be thinking of this on your wedding night.” Putting things in perspective can help us muddle through the upsetting moments and see them for what they really are—minor inconveniences.


Every business knows that in order to succeed, it must find and retain good customers. Take this advice and show your customers that you are the one that they want to do business with. Use these essentials for customer service qualities and put yourself above the competition.

This is a topic covered in our Improving Communications Customer Service curriclum. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of the public classes.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay 

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