How to Network Without Leaving the House

WRITTEN January 30, 2018 Author: Jen Glantz

The main obstacle to networking is finding the time to do it.

Meeting up for after-work happy hours, weekend conferences, or mid-day lunches, may not work with your schedule. If you are looking to maximize your time and effort, while also meeting new people in your industry, you may wish to rethink your on-line resources, and consider networking from home.

Here are four ways you can professionally network without leaving your office or home:

1. Revamp Your LinkedIn Profile
Update your LinkedIn profile on a quarterly basis. Add new keywords to your headline, so that people can find you easier on the platform. Join relevant LinkedIn groups, where you can connect with others who have a similar interest. Utilize your existing connections, by reaching out to them via email to catch up during the year.
2. Join Facebook Groups
Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms for networking. Join Facebook groups, based on your industry or your hobbies, and interact with those in the group. You can post questions and start conversations with members.
3. Email Old Colleagues
Go through old emails. Create a list of colleagues and acquaintances you haven’t spoken to in a while. Make a point of emailing them once or twice a year to say, “Hello.” Keep in contact with people from your past for new opportunities in the future.
4. Get Social
Pick two or three social media platforms of your choice and be active on them. Whether you choose Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube, build a community with interactive and engaging posts. Follow others that you admire or with whom you wish to connect.

The power of social media and email make it practical and simple to network from home or office with professionals you may or may not have met. Keep up with social media and update your LinkedIn regularly. Set online networking goals and be creative in the way you reach out to people. Remember to keep it personal, precise, and professional; you may be behind a computer screen, but networking from home can be as effective as attending professional, and costly, conferences.

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