Organization In Writing

WRITTEN October 13, 2016 Author: Rich Atkins

Organize Your Writing

Organization in writing means putting the information in an order that the audience will best understand. There are three basic ways to organize:

  • Category – putting similar things together in groups.
  • Range – chronological or alphabetic order (highest to lowest, top to bottom, first to last).
  • Location – spatial placement in proximity to each other.

Sentence Structuring

  1. Place the “setting” of the sentence first: On Fridays, the team works late.
  2. Begin with positive ideas: We enjoyed the golf outing, despite the rain.
  3. Place the object of the verb close to the verb: Send the email to me (Instead of “Send me the email.”).

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication starts with an organized, user-friendly format to show your audience that you care about them and their time. Being brief will ensure that they read your entire message.

To make communication more strategic:

  • Sell” your ideas to others based on the benefits of acting on them. Ask: “How will doing / knowing this benefit the recipient?”
  • Use language that is understandable and that speaks to the recipients’ interests.
  • At the end of your communication, revisit the call to action.
  • Speak to recipient in second-person language (YOU) — remove first person (I, me, my).


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