Pluralses / Plurals’s – Let’s find out what’s right! (Pluralize Correctly)

WRITTEN March 7, 2012 Author: Rich Atkins

What’s the plural form of “deer”?

Do you know how to pluralize correctly? Getting it wrong, and having your error discovered means a loss of credibility. Forming plurals of nouns correctly will show your audience that you’re smart and can communicate with respect.

apple > apples
shoe > shoes
mouse > _____ (Is it “mouses”?)
house > _____ (You know it’s not “hice”!)

  • The plural of most nouns is formed by adding -s to the singular. apple > apples
  • Common nouns ending in -ch (soft), -sh, -s, -ss, -x, -z or -zz usually form their plurals by adding -es. fox > foxes
  • Proper nouns ending in -s always add -es. Charles > Charleses
  • Common nouns ending in -y preceded by a vowel usually form their plurals by adding -s. guy > guys
  • Common nouns ending in -y preceded by a consonant or by qu change the -y to -i and add -es. baby > babies
  • *NOTE: Plural nouns do not take apostrophes. 100 computers, 99 balloons

The plural of “deer” is “deer.”

What are the possessive and plural possessive forms of “deer”? The first responder to post the answer on the Improving Communications Facebook page wins a seat in the Effective Business Writing class in April!

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