Résumé Writing

WRITTEN December 10, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

Résumé Preparation

Know what the purpose of your resume and cover letter is – to get an interview! To prepare, complete a Résumé writing data sheet – list work and other activities

List your three best work skills or traits (to be used in the Summary and Cover Letter).

Write with impact!

Use correct grammar (parallel structure, active vs. passive voice) and pay attention to your word choice (especially with transferable skills) 

It’s all about RESULTS! Which of these bulleted lists focuses on transactions, and which one focuses on RESULTS?

• Responsible for total store results

• Own results for assigned category

• Gain business insights and create SMART action plans to improve execution.

• Drive total store results, exceeding corporate-set business goals by 4.7% and increasing store sales by 18% (year-to-date).

• Oversee results of assigned merchandise category and develop tactics to drive sales upward by 11% (year-to-date).

• Analyze corporate-generated business reports to gain insights and create SMART action plans to improve sales.

Some Facts About Cover Letters

  • ONE PAGE only.
  • UB4I™ Language – speak to recipient’s interests.
  • Match their needs and your skills.
  • Demonstrate expertise – knowledge of the organization and your field.
  • Clear – short, readable sentences and paragraphs.
  • Use action verbs and active voice.
  • Qualities: confident, optimistic, enthusiastic, professional.
  • Get to the point – people have short attention spans.
  • Stories and/or humor are OK.
  • Mention referrer or mutual contacts.
  • Send PAPER.

Principles of Networking

Attitude – show interest and learn about people; be of service to others: how can I help them? (Reciprocity)
Kinds of groups you should attend – ones where you are unique.
Always ask for a business card – memorably.
Only give a business card if you are asked.
End courteously (vaguely urgent need to exit).

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